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Kroger’s Has New Super Kaleidos Cookies That Taste Just Like Fruity Cereal

Kroger’s brand of snacks and cookies are great! In fact some of our family favorites are from the Kroger brand line, we especially like the Toaster Treats.


Kaleidos are a sandwich cookie made by Kroger’s. They’re similar to Oreo’s in appearance as well as taste.

They’ve made them in a bunch of different flavors over the years, and the newest one is here and they taste like fruity cereal!

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The flavor is a very citrus heavy Fruity cereal that’s more on the Trix or Fruity Loops side than Fruity Pebbles unfortunately! They’re still VERY tasty but the flavor is STRONG which means you can’t eat alot in one sitting, the flavor seems to grow it’s a subtle taste you get that initial crunch and vanilla from the cookie and then the fruit comes in and builds till it takes overt the whole flavor profile!

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The new Kaleidos cookies are called Super Kaleidos! The cookies are brightly colored in red and blue and are filled with a yellow cream that has specks of red and blue in it.

I think we can tell where the name comes from after seeing those colors! Superman! The cookie on the packaging is even wearing a red cape just like Superman.

They’ve also created a special website that you can visit at Once there, you can pick your hero to be featured on the new Super Kaleidos cookies.

You can pick up the new Super Kaleidos at Kroger for just $2.19!

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