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You Can Get A Designer Purse To Hold Your Ice Cream, Because Why Not?

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Ice cream and designer bags. Two things I love! But I have to say, I’ve never thought about combining the two!

In honor of Magnum Ice Cream’s 10th anniversary in the U.S., the company has teamed up with designer Rebecca Minkoff to create a custom insulated handbag!

Magnum/Rebecca Minkoff

This is perfect for keeping things cool on the go and is designed to perfectly fit Magnum ice cream bars inside!

Magnum/Rebecca Minkoff

A very limited number of the Magnum ice cream x Rebeca Minkoff bags have been created and they can only be won via their giveaway that officially opens on Monday, August 9 at 12 pm ET! 

Magnum/Rebecca Minkoff

The giveaway will open up on Monday and will give you all the steps you need to take for a chance to win then!

Magnum/Rebecca Minkoff

What do you think of this insulated designer bag? I personally love it and would totally use it, it just seems like such a strange and unique mix to me!

Magnum/Rebecca Minkoff

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