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This New Jeep Is Hot Pink So You Can Drive Around And Be A Barbie Girl (Or Guy)

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Come on Barbie, let’s go party…

Ahhhh I cannot get over how much I want — no NEED, this new Hot Pink Jeep. It’s basically all my Barbie dreams coming true in one glorious set of wheels.

So, word broke amongst the Jeep Community that Jeep was releasing a Limited Edition Hot Pink Jeep that you can basically pre-order now but it’s also been on the down-low as-in, on the hush hush.

I can’t lie, it totally reminds me of the Power Wheels Barbie Jeep. Like if you had this as a kid, you are ballin’…

This Jeep is called the Jeep Rubicon Tuscadero (the color of the pink) and it’s a 2021 limited edition Jeep.

Now, this isn’t something you can just roll up to the Jeep Dealership near you and buy right then and there. It’s special order.

So, you can call your local Jeep Dealership and ask them about this. Then they can help place the order for you once it’s in their system.

As a reminder to those ordering. Even though you can order the color now, it will likely take a few months for Jeep start paint Wranglers in this color.

Ahhh it’s so dang cute! I cannot get over it. I feel like I need it in my life and that’s coming from someone who’s favorite color is mint.

Think of how cute you’ll be driving around being a Barbie Girl (or guy). Ahhhh!

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  1. The top picture looks more towards a fuchsia than pink.

  2. Could really use a new vehicle. Like the pink !

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