You Can Get A LEGO Thanksgiving Centerpiece That Will Impress Your Dinner Guests

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For those of you without a green thumb, but still prefer to decorate your home with flowers, Lego has a solution.

According to the toy company, you don’t need a green thumb in order to keep flowers flourishing in your house.

Rather all you’ll need, is just patience.

Lego has just released an 812 count piece building box set that is made to decorate the walls of your house or even better, sit as the centerpiece during Thanksgiving dinner.

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What will clearly be the center of discussion during the holidays, this set includes an array of vibrant blooms including a gerbera daisy, a rose at the center, and several other plants decorated in warm color patels.

So expect to see deep reds, oranges, pale yellow, white, green, and brown pieces in this Lego box.

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Considering there are more than 800 Lego pieces stuffed in this box, we recommend building this set with family members or friends!

And if you get started now, there’s more than enough time to finish before Thanksgiving.

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You can currently find the Dried Flower Centerpiece set from Lego on Amazon this fall season.

Courtesy of Amazon

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