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Move Over Cute Cat Memes, PetSmart has Guinea Pig Costumes, And I’m Dying

Leave it to PetSmart to come out with an adorable addition to their pet costume line.


I didn’t even know guinea pig costumes were a thing. I mean, if I’m honest, guinea pigs scare my IRL.

They are huge nervous hamster rats, that have big, long teeth, and constantly “meep, meep, meep.”


When I heard that PetSmart was carrying guinea pig costumes, I cringed a little inside.

I wondered why anyone would want to showcase these evil creatures in such a cute way. But, then I saw them.

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Even I have to admit that guinea pigs in costumes are pretty freaking cute.


Dare I say, these pitures rival the cuteness of the cat meme.

I mean, COME ON!! This is awfully precious.

PetSmart has 8 different costumes for these little monsters pigs: a mermaid, a unicorn, a shark, a superhero, a pineapple, a bee, a pumpkin, and a sombrero. Cuteness overload!!

Does this mean I’m going to run out and adopt a guinea pig?

HELL NO. But, it does mean I may spend the rest of the day spend a few minutes perusing Instagram pictures!