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You Can Get A Custom Starbucks Dexter Tumbler So You Can Have A Killer Day

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It’s almost time for the newest season of Dexter and I am soooo beyond ready for a new ending for my favorite show since the original ending left me feeling less than thrilled.

One way I am preparing is by rewatching all of the previous seasons for the billionth time, I’m only slightly exaggerating that number.

I found this amazing Starbucks tumbler that I’ll be adding to my collection so I can drink out of it while I enjoy the new season of Dexter.

MyriasCreations – Etsy

The custom Starbucks tumbler is made from a Starbucks reusable venti size cup and holds 24 ounces.

It’s made with high-quality permanent vinyl that showcases my favorite serial killer, Dexter!

MyriasCreations – Etsy

There is also a good amount of blood splatter included in the cup design and it reads “Have A Killer Day” on one side.


What a great way to rep my favorite forensic blood spatter analyst that also lives as a serial killer doing good work!

The reusable tumbler also includes a reusable lid and a reusable straw.

I despise washing dishes, but when it comes to these custom cups, you do NOT want to put them in the dishwasher so make sure you hand wash them.

You can order your own Custom Dexter Starbucks Tumbler from MyriasCreations on Etsy so you too can have a killer day!

MyriasCreations – Etsy

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