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Fans Are Enjoying The Surprise Cameos In The New iCarly Series

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We know that you know that the iCarly reboot is finally here, meaning the first three episodes have recently dropped on Paramount+! 

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It’s exciting to see a very popular childhood show become an adult version as not only the cast is grown, but fans are too.

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The show that revolves around the start up of a web series has the real web gushing over a few unexpected surprise cameos too! 

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That’s right!

For those who have already binge-watched the first three episodes of iCarly might have noticed Josie Totah, who most recently featured in Saved by the Bell’s reboot, now plays a food influencer in iCarly during the third episode! 

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Although she’s not the only famous celebrity to be featured in the new iCarly series! 

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Youtuber Alex Wassabi and George Montgomery Butler also feature as celebrity cameos in the new series! 

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Now the real question is, where’s Gibby! 

New episodes of iCarly drop every Thursday on Paramount+.

Courtesy of @paramountplus

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