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10 Ways Parenting Is Like Orange Is The New Black

I’ve spent most of the weekend binge watching Orange Is the New Black, and if my facebook stream is any indication, you did, too.

ways parenting is like orange is the new black

Since I am can’t stop watching, I can’t help but compare being a parent to living at Litchfield.

10 Ways Parenting Is Like Orange Is the New Black

1. All the different crews have different places to sleep and hang out. Man, this sounds exactly like the school cafeteria at any middle school. Kids have to know their place and so do moms! Been there, done that. Don’t ever want to do it again.

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2. The yard is like the park. Or recess. Right? There’s all sorts of fun stuff to do outside, but really everyone just wants to sit around and hang out on the picnic table.

3. Access to internet and cell phones is totally restricted. Sounds like my house after 8pm, amirite?

4. Your friends have your back–until they don’t. Dude– this couldn’t be more true. Have you ever seen a room full of volunteer moms turn on someone? It’s not pretty.

5. Food rules all. The person in the kitchen makes all the decisions and has all the power. Yup– that sounds like my house exactly.


6. Bedtimes. Lights out is at the same time every night. Which works at my house, but we still have the occasional kid who gets up in the middle of the night.

7. Contraband is a thing. Totally true at my house. You wouldn’t believe what I can get the kids to do for a fun size snickers bar!

8. Crazies are everywhere. We’ve all been to Chuck E. Cheese. We all know just how crazy a Friday night can be.


9. Someone’s always plotting. At my house someone is always hatching a plan. While it might not be as devious as the OITNB crew, it usually goes about as well.


10. You won’t be there forever. Which is totally true at my house, too! The kids won’t be at home forever, so you might as well make the most out of it. 🙂