For Her 100th Birthday, Macklemore Surprised His Grandma Helen With The Best Day Of Her Life!

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Macklemore LOVES his grandma Helen. And as soon as you see her, you’ll love her, too. She’s a spitfire of a woman. Ecstatic to see him, but even more so when he tells her that for her 100th birthday he’s taking her out to do whatever she wants, for the entire day. That’s all well and great, until you see the kinds of things this spitfire of a woman wants to do. Then? Then it becomes Epic. See, Helen is no dowdy granny sitting around knitting and watching birds in her backyard. I mean, she might do that, too, but apparently this feisty centenarian is still a teen at heart, and her choices clearly reflect that. Take a look!

I am in LOVE with Macklemore for sharing Helen with the world. She is incredible! She is everything I want to be when I grow up and such an amazingly happy woman, so full of life. Happy Birthday, Helen! And THANK YOU for sharing your day with all of us!

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