I Thought Her Belly Was Huge, But I Never Would Have Guessed How Many Babies Were In There!

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All pregnancies come with their own set of risks and rewards, but this Utah mom went above and beyond for her brood! Guillermina Garcia found out she was carrying FIVE babies and though she was scared about the incredible health risks that come from carrying that many babies at once, Guillermina never once complained about her pregnancy. Even as her lumpy abdomen developed painful bruises from so many babies, this incredible woman stood strong and put the health of her babies above her own. Most quintuplets only make it to 29 weeks, but Garcia carried hers for an incredible 31 1/2 weeks, giving them longer than most to develop those vital organs. And her sacrifice was well worth it, all five babies were born relatively healthy and though mom suffered sever preeclampsia at the end of her pregnancy, all are doing very well now. Take a look!

Good luck to the Garcia family! And congratulations on the babies!

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