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Here’s Everything We Know About the Haunting ‘It’ Prequel Series

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Every villain has their own story to tell and Pennywise is finally ready to speak about his.

Stephan King’s universe has expanded once again, and if you’re ready to find out about Pennywise’s story, keep reading, if you dare…

The scary new prequel series that will supposedly focus more on Pennywise is based from Stephen King’s It novel, as well as the horrifying adaptation films by Andy Muschietti.

Not to mention the new series also features a deeper exploration on the history of Derry, Maine, talk about an actual nightmare.

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What’s rumored to focus on the scary clown’s background and leading fans up to the events in the first It film, all I can think about is do I really want to know about Pennywise’s history?

Now we know that It Chapter Two told us how Pennywise got started well you know, eating humans, but aside from that horrifying fact, many details in his story are still a mystery.

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Andy Muschietti and his sister Barbara Muschietti will be developing the series alongside co-showrunners Brad Caleb Kane and Jason Fuchs.

And if you’re wondering whether or not Bill Skarsgård will be suiting up again as Pennywise, the actor has confirmed that he will sadly not be reprising his role in an interview with Jake’s Takes.

However, actors Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo, James Remar, and Chris Chalk will be involved in the prequel series and joining Madeleine Stowe and Stephen Rider according to Warner Bros. Discovery.

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So the big question is, who will be stepping into Pennywise’s clown shoes?

Welcome to Derry is expected to debut sometime in 2024 and released on Max.

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