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Turns Out, You’ve Been Using Laundry Detergent Wrong Your Entire Life

Load, wash, clean, dry, fold, and repeat.

Sound familiar?

The act of washing, drying, and folding clean clothing can be become repetitive, but what shouldn’t feel the same every time you do this chore is how much laundry detergent you’re pouring into the machine.

Courtesy of @wirecutter

Thanks to TikTok user @wirecutter, apparently, more is less when it comes to laundry detergent.

Courtesy of @wirecutter

Now it’s common to fill the machine with soap to the max or use the labels on the side of the twist and turn cap, but for every full load of clothing, only two tablespoons should actually be used.

Courtesy of @wirecutter

So yes, every time this Sunday chore rolls around, grab a tablespoon and then one more, and measure it exactly to the top.

Courtesy of @wirecutter

Using only two tablespoons worth will wash your clothes clean, prevent residue, and save money too; it’s a triple win win, win!

Courtesy of @wirecutter

Barbara Johannemann

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

When I go to the laundromat see all the machines what Suds in them I only use what I need to use it goes a long way like I always say a little squirt like me!!!!!!🤗