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Airbnb is Giving You And 6 Friends A Chance to Win A 19 Day Train Tour Through Europe

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I feel like I haven’t had a vacation in forever, well… maybe that’s because it’s actually been nearly forever.

Flying became so hard as my personal health issues progressed, and then along came Covid and the restrictions were just way too much for me.

Now flights are being canceled like crazy and the worry of being stranded… eek! It’s just too much.

However, I could manage to suck it up for a flight to Europe to then travel by train for an epic vacation!

Airbnb wants to send you and 6 friends on an amazing train tour that travels through 5 countries over 19 days and it sounds like a dream!


It’s the 50th anniversary of the European rail pass and to celebrate they are partnering with Airbnb to make this happen for some lucky people.

Now, if only I had 6 friends…

We are excited to be offering this epic adventure which celebrates the golden age of 19th-century travel, when there was more time to appreciate adventures with friends and family for longer. By combining the very best of train travel with the best of heritage in Europe, we hope travelers will reconnect with history and culture and enjoy travel as it once was.

Emmanuel Marill, Airbnb’s regional director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, said in a statement

This is called the European Heritage Tour, and you’ll be able to see English mansions, a French chateau, a Catalan manor, a German castle, and Italian villas… so cool and a dream for a photographer like me!

Timed to coincide with Interrail’s 50th anniversary, the Airbnb Heritage Tour shines a spotlight, not only on the freedom and flexibility offered by traveling with Interrail, but also on the rich heritage that these rail lines provide access to and the chance to go one stop further in connecting with Europe.

Nadine Koszler, Eurail’s head of marketing,  added in the statement

To enter for your chance to snag this amazing vacation you will just need to write a short essay, I’m talking 200 words, about why you and your friends would be the perfect travel group.

If you want to climb aboard the Airbnb Heritage Tour, just click here to get the details on how to submit your entry.

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