The CDC Just Issued New Recommendations For Gatherings During The Holiday Season

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With Halloween in full swing and giving thanks around the table and singing Christmas carols are right around the corner, the CDC recommends individuals to mask up during the holiday season.

Regardless of vaccination status, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend wearing masks during holiday celebrations to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

According to new guidelines that were recently released, the CDC advises to wear masks at indoor gatherings for all individuals who are above the age of two.

The CDC has also stated that the best way to minimize the risk of COVID-19 is by getting vaccinated if eligible.

“Wear well-fitting masks over your nose and mouth if you are in public indoor settings if you are not fully vaccinated,” the CDC website reads. “Even those who are fully vaccinated should wear a mask in public indoor settings in communities with substantial to high transmission.”


For extra precaution, testing for the virus before a gathering should also be considered when planning to gather around friends and family from multiple households says the CDC.

“People who have a condition or are taking medications that weaken their immune system may not be fully protected even if they are fully vaccinated and have received an additional dose,” the CDC says. “They should continue to take all precautions recommended for unvaccinated people, including wearing a well-fitted mask, until advised otherwise by their healthcare provider.”


Avoiding crowded areas and poorly vented spaces is also highly encouraged especially for those who travel; individuals who have come in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 should get tested according to the CDC.

Picture showing group of friends wearing masks praying over Thanksgiving Christmas table at home

People who are sick or are experiencing symptoms should not host parties or attend gatherings.

The advisory is recognized from the highly contagious delta variant that continues to consume nearly all COVID-19 cases across the United States and according to a recent study, the variant more than doubles the risk of hospitalization if contracted.

All three COVID-19 vaccines that are currently available in the U.S. include Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to prevent hospitalization or death in more than 90 percent of cases.

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