This Service Dog Absolutely Lost It When He Met Pluto At Disney!

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Ace the Yellow Labrador is in training to become a guide dog with Guide Dogs of America. Recently he had the amazing opportunity to visit Disneyland and meet with Pluto, one of Ace’s heroes. Ace’s visit to Disneyland was a socialization experiment, a part of his training. His trainer, Sandy Steinblums, says that the objective of this experiment was for Ace to be calm and stay down, while Pluto tries to break his stay. Unfortunately, Pluto did not have to try hard at all. Ace was so excited to meet him that he could not contain his excitement. Take a look!

Sandy is training Ace to be a guide dog for the blind, so she is very thankful to the characters at the park for being very helpful, because Ace still has between six and nine months of training before he can become an official guide dog.

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  1. This sounds like such an incredible book. I’m always amazed at how many people do not understand the difference between a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog and don’t realize that you should Never go running up to a service dog and start petting him. Too many people think pets out in public are like entertainment for them, they don’t see the need to ask if they can pet someone’s dog! This will teach both kids and adults the proper way to approach a service dog – I like the 5 finger rule.

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