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You Can Get A Baby Yoda Holder For Your Echo Dot And I’m Getting One

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You are about to have the CUTEST Echo Dot in the whole Galaxy!!

Courtesy of Amazon

Otterbox — you know, they make those phone cases that totally protect your phone from shattering — they are now making an Echo Dot holder, if you will, and it’s BABY YODA!!


The world has been OBSESSED with Baby Yoda since the release of The Mandalorian. We are finding, FINALLY, Baby Yoda everything. From animatronic dolls, to mini mugs (aka shot glasses), to blinged out tumblers. You can find just about anything and everything in Baby Yoda.


These Echo Dot stands (holders?) are not an exception. This will protect your Echo Dot, as well as help prevent it from sliding off your counter, bed stand, or wherever you choose to keep your Echo Dot.

Courtesy of Amazon

It has a non-slip base that helps “grip” surfaces, making it harder to slide off its intended surface. That’s a GREAT feature if you have kids — or cats — AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of Amazon

OtterBox Den Series featuring The Mandalorian: The Child Stand for the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) features a stellar design that brings home the cutest bounty in the galaxy. It’s made for simple installation and designed for easy interaction with the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) — allowing you to continue enjoying the same great Alexa experience. 

Courtesy of Amazon

This cute little Echo Dot has Baby Yoda’s signature big green ears, so there is no mistaking who he is! As if there were any doubt!!

Courtesy of Amazon

Now, this Baby Yoda Echo Dot holder is made specifically for the Gen 3 Echo Dot, so it won’t fit any other generation Dot.

If you need to get a 3rd Generation Echo Dot, you may do so right on Amazon.com.

Courtesy of Amazon

The Baby Yoda Echo Dot holder is on presale right now, on the Amazon website, and is set to come out August 20th. I can almost guarantee you, this little guy will sell out quickly. NOTHING Baby Yoda related stays around for long.

Courtesy of Amazon

He is $25, and will look so cute as an addition to your home!! You simply can’t pass this up!

Courtesy of Amazon

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