Texas Police Officers Are Posing In Bluebonnets And It’s Adorable

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If you aren’t from Texas then you don’t know about our insane tradition where we spend the months of March and April pulling over on the side of the highway to take pictures of our kids and pets frolicking in the blue bonnet “fields”

And by field, I literally mean the side of the road. It’s honestly really pretty because there are bluebonnets EVERYWHERE. But people go crazy, it’s a whole thing, and now Texas police have started what is my favorite challenge since the lip sync challenge.


They’re taking pictures of themselves in bluebonnets in their #BacktheBlueBonnet challenge, not only because it’s adorable and completely fun, but also to bring a little awareness about just pulling over anywhere to take the pictures.


They just want you to look around, and make sure you’re safe when you do it. (Snakes like bluebonnets a lot, like this rattlesnake that got caught on camera right as he was about to attack.)

So, they want you to go forth and bluebonnet, they’re just asking that you look around first!


Even the K-9 units are getting in on the action!


Don’t forget that it’s against the law to pick the bluebonnets! Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower!


That’s one of those things us native Texans learn in kindergarten.


That and Tejas means “friend.”


Oh and the mockingbird is the state bird.


I didn’t even have to look that up.


I did fact check myself though. I didn’t want you guys to make fun of me.


This guy right here didn’t have any bluebonnets, so he improvised.


I don’t know why they brought Santa, but I am super happy they did.




I love stuff like this.

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