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Dunkin’s New Year’s Menu Is Here So You Can Start The New Year off Right

Dunkin’ is giving us a reason to cheers for the new year considering the popular coffee chain is revising their menu for their new year’s resolutions and that includes new food and brand new beverages.

Courtesy of @dunkin

Starting off with the bad news first so we can end with the good, there will be a few eliminations on the menu to make room for new food including the ‘Wake-Up Wrap’, the Power Breakfast Sandwich, Rollups and Multigrain Thins.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Two new drinks will be introduced come the new year featuring the Brown Sugar Oat Iced Latte and the Brown Sugar Cookie Cold Brew Cold Foam iced coffee.

Courtesy of @dunkin

The hot or iced winter blend from Dunkin’ will also be new to menus featuring a smooth taste with notes of gingersnaps.

Courtesy of @dunkin

The new Stroopwafel donut features double the sugar, including a chocolate frosted covered donut with a Stroopwafel placed in the middle.

For those who are curious, a Stroopwafel are two waffles stuffed with caramel.

Courtesy of @andieeatworld

Chive and onion stuffed bagels are exactly as they sound including omlet bites similar to Starbucks packed with protein.

Dunkin drops their new winter nationwide on January 5th!

Courtesy of @dunkin