Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

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  • I love Gemmers! Come play with me #
  • Gemmers is hilarious right now! #
  • Okay, what part of fencon do I need to sign up for? #
  • Are you guys following @bakersmark ? Lots of interesting writing articles for the would-be author! #
  • I'm home from smalltown, Texas. It just reminds me that I want to live in this kind of place! #
  • I made that diaper cake oh yes I did! #
  • RT @BostonBookGirl: @jamieharrington I think the series is great–really funny… Brava! (Thank you. She means #
  • I'm in Montalba, Texas. Small towns go to sleep earrrrly. #
  • For #ff, the 7 Stages of Query Grief writers: @rjdennis @KeriStevens @jamieharrington @heatherwpetty @JulieWeathers @jodimeadows @raballard #
  • I've been living at 2800 followers for months. What's it like to have over 3k? Is it glorious? #
  • What a great website! I'm super impressed with the message. #
  • RT @JasonAMyersTX: Hey writers, looking for a cool conference to go to next year? Check it: #
  • I hate the term homemaker. #
  • But no one was pondering what I was pondering haha I think so Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size? #
  • Haha waaaY too many people had a classic pinky reference. I love my Twitter stream! #
  • Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering? #
  • About to head to the dfw writers workshop. I think I'll read some of sketch this evening. Oh yes I will! #
  • Daughter: Mom, what panties should I wear to meet my teacher tomorrow? o_O #
  • More than 100! RT @quirkywriterI wonder how many times a day the average writer with submissions out checks his/her email. #
  • I swear I just someone tweet about a toilet paper sale… sigh. #
  • I am only allowed to play omgpop for fifteen minutes… someone time me… i have to be done at 11 #
  • Me: Okay, it's time for you bath Daughter: Can we put my (fake) cellphone in a bag so I don't miss any calls? #
  • I have officially acquired the KAI-LAN backpack! Wow, I didn't think that was actually going to happen 🙂 #
  • I guest posted! Oh, yes I did… #
  • I got a full request from a partial that I sent out last night at like 1am! #
  • RT @jimsissy: New Blog Post! Seven Stages of Query Grief – Stage 2: Denial by our own twit @jamieharrington #
  • I heard recently that the edgy YA is on its way out and the clean stuff is headed back in, thoughts? #askagent #
  • Do you guys check in on tweeting writers that you have pages from to see if they've had other requests? #askagent #
  • How important is a title to the story? Have you ever requested pages based on title alone? #askagent #
  • Is college age no man's land because college kids just don't have time to read? #askagent #
  • I'm getting real-time search results at TweetGrid #
  • Am I the worst mom ever for wishing I was getting my partial emails together instead of making spongebob macaroni? #
  • Two partial requests in one day? Swoon 🙂 #
  • RT @ColleenLindsay: Julia Child's back on NYT list, when Del Rey & HM tried to get LOTR back on, NYT said no because LOTR is backlist. #
  • My Monday morning just got a whole lot better. #
  • Anyone wanna play Balloono right now? #
  • I'm taking a break! Playing a match of Gemmers #
  • How does True Blood end SO awesome sauce every time?!?!?! #
  • Gemmers anyone? #
  • A little bit I love my main character… what? Is that wrong? #
  • Okay I'm all good. 🙂 You guys are the bomb. AND…. I think I just made my book better… ohhhh yeah 🙂 (what's up with my ellipses party?) #
  • I'm a little overwhelmed…. breathe 🙂 #
  • The husband is sitting beside me at Panera instead of across… now he will know when I spend the entire afternoon playing OMGPOP instea … #
  • Playing a match of Gemmers #
  • Morning all! I've had a big 'ol pile of house showings this weekend… I am kinda pooped! #

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