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Here’s a List of What Not To Give Teachers This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season for gift giving to parents, children, friends, family, and teachers.

While gifts are never expected but always appreciated, many teachers have horror stories telling a few weird presents received in the past from student’s parents.

According to a former teacher, here’s a list explaining what not to give teachers this holiday season.

Candles are first on that list.

While candles are always lovely to burn during the holiday season, not everyone enjoys the same common aroma such as evergreen or apple.

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Body products should also be crossed off the list of gift ideas.

While everyone enjoys their favorite beauty products to look and smell their best, many people have stuck to the same brand for years so while you may like the brand you’re buying for your kid’s teacher, there’s a big chance that it’s not their preferred choice.

Courtesy of @bathandbodyworks

Homemade foods like cookies or other baked goods should also be omitted for gift giving especially during COVID; baked goods coming from a stranger’s house just isn’t a good idea.

Finally home decor is a sweet thought, but since we all are unsure of each other’s styles, keep the styling of homes to the person who lives inside it.

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Gift cards are simply the most practical and easiest way to say thank you to your student’s teachers for the holidays considering many teacher’s pay for their own supplies in the classroom.

A handwritten note from the student saying ‘Merry Christmas’ makes the gift even more personal if parents want to do more than stuff a gift card in a holiday card.