13 Scary Movies To Binge Watch On Friday The 13th

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Y’all. It’s Friday the 13th! Bwahahaha.

It’s that spooky day when every superstitious person fears the curse of the dreaded unlucky 13 — and all medical personnel brace for the worst.

What am I going to be doing today? Why, binge watching scary movies, of course.

We are all stuck inside due to this dang coronavirus, so may as well enjoy it!

Here are THIRTEEN of the best horror movies to stream on this unluckiest of unlucky days!

#13: The Autopsy of Jane Doe — Streaming on Netflix.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is about a father-son team of small-town coroners performs an autopsy on an unidentified woman with mysterious injuries and a terrifying secret.

People are saying Netflix’s new horror movie: Autopsy of Jane Doe is the scariest movie they’ve ever seen and warning others NOT to watch it. So, by all means, watch it! Ha!

#12: The Silence — Streaming on Netflix

You’ll want to keep silent during this movie or be in danger of being attacked creatures attracted to noise. DON’T MAKE A NOISE!

#11: Hereditary — Streaming on Amazon Prime

In this scary AF chilling movie, the Graham family starts to learn of a cryptic and downright scary family secret after the passing of their grandmother. Turns out, she may have handed down this horrific secret on to her family.

#10: The Hole In The Ground — Streaming on Netflix

Sarah’s young song starts acting a bit — not like himself. Could the warnings of Noreen — who is bit creepy in her own right — be true? Watch out for mirrors.

#9: A Quiet Place — Streaming on Amazon

This family must live inside the terrible world of silence. Make a sound, and the crazy giant spider-like monsters may attack you!

#8: Eli — Streaming on Netflix

Eli is about a young boy that is allergic to the outside world. He has a rare medical condition where he has to stay inside or in a special media suit.

He heads to a facility for treatment when literally all HELL breaks loose and there is apparently a terrifying twist at the end.

#7: The Ritual — Streaming on Netflix

If woods and creepy creatures scare you, then you’re in for a treat with this one. I haven’t brought myself to watch it yet. Has a Blair Witch vibe.

#6: Before I Wake — Streaming on Netflix

A mourning couple welcomes a foster child into the house, only to realize he has a rather special ability.

#5: Insidious — Streaming on Netflix

If you don’t like haunted houses and possessed people, you may not like this. However, if that isn’t really a bother, watch it by all means.

#4: Hollow — Streaming on Amazon

An evil spirit lives in the hollow of a tree, and it makes couple kill each other. Don’t sleep with the lights off.

#3: A Nightmare On Elm Street — Streaming on Netflix

A new, SCARY AF, twist on the original. Scary. 1, 2, Freddie’s after you …

#2: Would You Rather — Streaming on Netflix

What’s a good way to earn money quickly? Participate in a scary game put on by a sadistic millionaire, of course!

#1: Friday the 13th — Streaming on Netflix

This is a creepy remake of the original, and PERFECT to watch on Friday the 13! I hope Jason doesn’t get you!

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