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Dear Everyone, Your Grass Doesn’t Need To Be Green

Newsflash – the grass isn’t greener on the other side. At least, it shouldn’t be.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are experiencing record heat temperatures across the U.S.

And many places are even experiencing a water drought.

So, let me just say – YOUR GRASS DOESN’T NEED TO BE GREEN.

Look, I know that concept is hard to grasp because after all, what the heck will people think of you if you have a dead grass this summer?

First off, who cares what they think.

Secondly, not watering your lawn is the right thing to do.

Sure, I like green, thick grass that my kids can play on.

But you know what I like more? Water.

Specifically, water to drink and I don’t know, shower with…

I live in Utah and we are in one of the worst droughts ever and of course, our political leaders are more concerned with “praying for water” than actually doing something to help with the drought like telling people to NOT water their lawns.

Obviously, if you have crops or gardens, those are necessity to water. So are trees, but grass? Just no.

Nobody NEEDS green grass. It’s more for the aesthetic appeal than anything.

It’s okay to have dead lawn.

It’s okay to conserve water and that’s what we all should be doing rather than waiting for something worse to happen like not having enough water available for basic needs.

So, go ahead – turn off those sprinklers. Make this a water conservation Summer. Your wallet and our planet will thank you.

Oh, and if you really can’t stand the look of dead lawn, opt for one of those water conservation yards. The ones with rocks and low-maintenance flowers.

Some states, like Utah are even offering a reimbursement for the cost of turning your yard into a water conserving one.

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