5 Solid Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump

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I feel so badly for the Donald Trump supporters right now. I mean, we’re supposed to live in a nation of political freedom, and yet they’re being treated like pariah in their own country. The truth is, you have every right to vote for whomever you choose and if you choose Trump, that is absolutely your right. In fact, I think there are 5 solid reasons you should absolutely vote for Donald Trump! I stand behind you, folks. Believe what you believe. Stand for who you stand for and don’t let the man get you down.

5 Reasons To (Absolutely Not) Vote For Donald Trump

5 Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump

1. Because fascism looks like so much fun in the textbooks. No one could say that Hitler and Mussolini lacked vision. Sure, their visions included the murder of millions of people who didn’t believe the same as them, but isn’t that what this world is about? Divide and conquer? Um, no. Literally we live in an age where information is available at the click of a button…so why aren’t you clicking? 75 years ago at least the Germans and Italians had the excuse that they didn’t see what was happening. We literally have an entire world telling us to stand against Trump, so really if you’re still for him you’re kind of just a dick.

2. Religious freedom only counts if you’re the right religion. The bill of rights is old and outdated, so is the constitution. Religious freedom only counts if you’re a good ol’ ‘Merican Christian and can prove it and if your last name sounds white. *rolling my eyes* C’mon, folks. How boring would the world be if everyone believed the same? More so, how awful would YOU feel if someone told you that your beliefs weren’t valid and that, worse yet, you were inherently bad for having them? This kind of thinking never, ever ends well. And you need to grow up if you think that the entire world believes the same as you. Literally, not one single person on this planet believes exactly the same as you, so stop telling other people what to believe already!

3. This country was better before all the immigrants arrived. The skies were more spacious, there were actual fields of grain. Then immigrants came over and took all the jobs, took the houses, took the land. In my opinion, the Native Americans would have done much better if those awful European immigrants never arrived in the first place.

4. You’re tired of all the Washington insiders mucking things up. You realize this is rhetoric, right? By Washington insider you’re literally talking about people who have worked in the field for which we are about to elect them. Saying you don’t want Washington insiders running for president is a bit like saying you’d rather have Linda from accounting take out your gall bladder because you don’t trust those surgery insiders with their fancy cars and fancy titles.

5. It’s time to take back the White House. Take it back from whom, exactly? You realize it wasn’t a coup that put President Obama into the White House, right? It was an election. People got out of bed and went to their local elementary school and stood in line drinking bad coffee and actually chose him. They got a sticker that said ‘I Voted’ and everything. So when you say ‘take back the White House’ I just…I just have no idea if you even understand how elections work. And that makes me very, very sad.

face of fear

So here’s the thing: I kind of believe we DO deserve Donald Trump as president. We did this to ourselves. When we first heard he was running, we all thought it was a joke. And then we he started gaining steam, we all kind of waited for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell us we’d all been punk’d. But that hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ve got relatives, friends, people we know personally who are literally standing up and saying they’d stand behind him. Donald Trump is running on a platform of fear mongering and what we really need to start asking is – what are so many people really afraid of? Until we’re able to start abating those fears, he is going to continue to gain supporters and that’s what we should Really fear.

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  1. Trump sucks okay… He is not ONLY racist, but Sexist too! So y’all PLEASE stop trying to convince me he is… And by the way I’m not even a Hilary supporter but I’d MUCH rather have her as president than that CONPLETE AND UTTERLY USELESS MANIAC!!! Bernie ALL the way…❤️

  2. Love every part of this. Also, it is so much fun watching the drumpfers freak out over reading common sense. Morons!

  3. Horrible article…wish I could have that time I wasted reading it back.

    1. You are right, it was a waste of time…because it was stating the obvious. A sexual assaulting, lying, ignorant, hateful twitler…should not be president. But, there are still the few that want to ignore all of the facts and pretend he’s a great guy and how dare anyone expect him to answer for any of his mistakes.

      1. Most of your descriptions sound like Hillary, and Bill Clinton was also a sexual assualter.

  4. Holy mother of pickles, you lost me at Fascism/Nazi. Please educate yourself. Both are far LEFT, not right. I do not like Trump, he’s an arrogant dickbag, but your list is incredibly eyerolling. I clicked on this because i was reading your vaccine post, which is fantastic. However, in that vaccine list you (rightly) were condescending towards people who were doing meme research, but here, you do the same thing.
    I’ll be begrudgingly voting for him only because the alternative is Fascism, or at the very least, socialism.

    1. fasc•ism (făshˈĭzˌəm)►

      A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

      socioeconomic controls examples: Forcing companies to move their operations back to the States, Requiring all people of a certain faith to be registered in a list and monitored, Doubling police forces.

      suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship examples: “I never said that”, “Little Marco,” “low energy Jeb”

      policy of belligerent nationalism examples: MAGA, “America First” trade, Increasing military that is already the largest on Earth

      racism examples: “Black people love me!” Calling a Latino-descent judge “impartial” to an un-related case, Calling any non-white in his view lazy

    2. No, that’s completely wrong. Facism and the Nazis in particular are universally referred to as a far right ideology. That is not even up for debate. Don’t be confused with the term ‘national socialism’. That has nothing to do with left wing Marxist socialism. It refers to extreme ultra conservative nationalism, to the point of xenophobia against anyone who doesn’t agree. Literally no one who knows what they are talking about ever refers to thr Nazis as anything but ultra right wing, save for the kinds of people who actually buy Ann Coulter books and think ‘Obaaama’ is a Kenyan born Muslim.

    3. You are incorrect about Fascism and Nazism being typically left-oriented ideologies. It’s a common misperception promoted by Fox News etc, and readily consumed by the same people who think Socialism and Communism are the same thing, which is also completely untrue. So I suggest you do a little reading or you may end up regretting the choice of votling for the exact thing you don’t want – i.e. fascism. Trump is so much like Mussolini, and if you knew a little history you’d see the warning signs too.

      1. you are a koolaid drinking moron. barely worthy of a reply

    4. Hey Nicky you should look into European history a bit more. Hitler only called his party socialist to attract the crowds. He basically stole the term from the socialists. Fascism isn’t left or right it is just fascism. Don’t know if Trump is a fascist but like his buddies Wilders, Le Pen, Schroder, Putin, he is using the same tactics and uses man`s worst emotions to get what he wants. He is not making America great, he basically shits on everything that makes Amerika great and exploits America`s worst habits and characteristics. He has no scrupules, no heart, no kindness, he is just an old, angry man on viagra with a hairpiece and backwards ideas, Meet your president, enjoy……

    5. Where on earth did you get the idea that Facism is left? That’s just bizarre

      1. Facism is neither Left nor Right on the spectrum. Indeed, the basic political spectrum is flawed because it negates the other vertical spectrum which is Facism/Authoritarian on one end and Anarchy/Libertarian on the other. Most people who say Facism is right wing are leftists, and those who say Facism is for the left wing, are right-wing.

        Draw one line left to right, then through the middle, draw another from top to bottom to create a political axis. On the Left you have Communism, on the Right you have the right-wing. On the top you have Facism and the bottom you have Anarchy. A Facist can be socialist, communist, centrist or right wing; they all have full control of how the government is run, how people’s lives are lived, and society is full of rules.

        Trump is not true right wing and has some contradictory policies. But then every policy made by any party, tends to end up on different parts of the axis. For example, trade protection and bringing companies back to the USA, should be a leftist agenda, but left and right parties are generally so sold on globalism because it works at the big end of town and enables “big ticket” economic indicators, and makes them look more economically successful, and as such, they are often more to the right wing. Trump is left/authoritarian in that respect. Yet in terms of low tax, smaller government, he is more right ring libertarian.

  5. This article isn’t ironic or satirical, it’s just plain, stupid, arrogant nonsense from a supporter of the status quo. The reason people are running from “mainstream” and “establishment” is because the electorate is tired of being lied to by the political class, who more than ever at the national level, are merely out to line their own pockets at the expense of the public. In Illinois, we have seen this over and over again– just google “Illinois politicians sentenced to jail terms”. This “pay to play” game has simply shifted to D.C., and to new lows with the current incumbent (remember “Green Energy”?) and to a new level of immorality by the former governor or Arkansas, and his IL-born wife (who has been a political opportunist ever since college, where she was a Young Republican) who created a foundation simply for the purpose of gaining access to millions of $ of “charitable” donations by selling access for political favors. It stinks to high heaven. If it walks like a duck, it IS a duck, and we’re not fooled in Illinois. Incumbents no longer have the national interest at heart, we need term limits and non-politicians who do not have ideological axes to grind by trying to turn government into a business. I wonder what price the Lincoln Bedroom is going for today? I think the American people are smart enough to see corruption when they see it.

  6. donald trump is a hamburger eating slimy cock sucking nazi

  7. Washington does not represent the people anymore. Long term politicians are a bunch of crooks, liars and thieves . Obama s platform was yes we can. But it took the public to realize 8 years later. No you can’t
    You know something America. You can t fix stupid. If you want any chance of real re form for the good citizens of America vote for a man who loves the USA. He won t sell us out. Take s leap of faith. Please

    1. The way to get “Washington” to represent the “people” starts at the grass roots and local politics. This whole idea that changing presidents and parties of said presidents, or even electing lying, misogynistic, racist blowhard bazillionaires whose kids aren’t even smart enough to REGISTER TO VOTE FOR THE DUMBASS, is not going to change things as fast as electing people at the state and national legislative levels who believe what you do and seem to listen to their constituents. And if they don’t, vote them out and someone else in next time. This not that hard. But it sure seems to be. Speaking of not being able to fix stupid, Donald Trump knows NOTHING of how to run a country. If the USA goes bankrupt, he can’t just file chapter 11 and make it all go away like he has, what, 3 times? 4 times? And he can’t just say “you’re fired” and boss people around. THEY DON’T HAVE TO DO WHAT HE TELLS THEM TO DO. We have this thing called checks and balances in our – you guessed it – CONSTITUTION that sees to it that we don’t have a dictator, which it seems he really wants to be because that’s the only way to run things that he understands. Stupid is ignoring what goes on in your state politics, then complaining about what comes out of your elections to the legislature which is where the REAL work is done. Stupid is ignoring the dangerously divisive and definitely unconstitutional things this moron wants to do and voting him in. The really scary part is, if he has his way and does the things he says he would do, you wouldn’t really get to complain about him too loudly if he doesn’t turn out to be the paragon you describe. You’ll be in a concentration camp.

      1. Ahhhh!!! Someone finally said something smart. Thanks Elaine!

      2. @Linh, Why did Obama marry a transgender?

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