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You Can Get A Bird Feeder That Looks Just Like A Red Barn And I Need It!

This has to be one of the most adorable bird feeders I have ever come across while browsing the internet.

Farm life is my favorite life and I’m feeling a bit down about living in a neighborhood currently.

We used to have a small farm and it was the best thing for me mentally and physically.

There was always something that needed to be done, so it got me up and out of bed and outdoors.

I miss that.

Now that we’re in a neighborhood I am trying to bring in little bits of that country life that I miss so much.

This Royal Wing 9061 Red Barn Bird Feeder is actually part of a Village Collection of feeders.

It has that classic red barn look with white accents and even a green roof.

The bird feeder measures 10-1/4 inches x 9-1/2 inches x 13-1/4 inches, and can hold 5 lb. of bird seed.

You can easily monitor the seed levels through the clear plastic barn windows.

justheathergatlin – Instagram

The green roof contains a lift-off cupola that makes filling the bird feeder super easy.

There is a large tray/perch that is removable and makes it super easy to clean out.

You can either hang the bird feeder or mount it to a pole.

Tractor Supply

The little red barn bird feeder is made from durable molded plastic, and has a 3-year guarantee!

You can buy your own little red barn bird feeder from Tractor Supply!