This Teacher Shows The Heartbreaking Way She Is Having To Change Her Classroom For The School Year

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There has been so much talk about kids going back to school.

What’s it going to look like? Are we going to working off plan A, B, or C? What will it look like to follow the CDC guidelines? Will they really have to wear masks?

It can’t be THAT big of a deal, right? WRONG!

Teachers are having to scramble like never before to completely change their classrooms. They are having to revamp everything they have ever done when it comes to learning.

Kids are going to be have to go back to a world completely changed from everything they have known.

Schools will be less about building relationships and socialization, and MORE about strict guidelines and learning.

Yes, I know learning is a very important thing, but kids learning in an environment where they can hardly move, can’t touch anything, don’t have games, and have to function much like robots, is never going to work.

I don’t think I’m just being dramatic here.

Take a look at this video, put out by a teacher trying to get her classroom ready for social distancing, and decide for yourself what you think about this “great” idea of sending kids back into the classroom.

What do you think? Crazy, huh!

One of my major questions I have from this video is, what the heck good are desks 3 feet apart going to do? Guidelines for social distancing have ALWAYS been to stay at least 6 feet apart.

If you know a teacher, give them a virtual hug. They are about to go into an impossible situation.

They aren’t allowed to love on their kids. They can’t let the kids play like kids do. They can’t even give them paper.

I can’t even imagine. This is just going to be ridiculous for the kids AND the teachers.

I understand that some parents are stuck between a rock and hard place, having no choice but to send their kids to school.

I just feel for everyone in this situation. It sucks. It’s going to be hard. Right when everyone NEEDS a hug, they can’t have one.

What do YOU think about kids going back to school, and this new socially distanced classroom?

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