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Skittles Made Camouflaged Packages That Are Meant To Blend In With The Outdoors For The Perfect Easter Hunt

It doesn’t matter how old my kids are, they still love the tradition of Easter and all that goes with it. I enjoy it too, dying the eggs, filling the baskets, the hunt…

Even if your kids have outgrown it, now may be the time to think about bring it back to give your kids something fun to do during these very strange times.

Skittles amped up the competition for the Easter hunt this year and they are perfect for an outdoor Easter hunt!


Sure, still hide the eggs, but add some of these to make it even more fun. An outdoor Easter hunt is a great way to get the kids out in the fresh air.

Hide them in the grass, trees, or inside eggs, either way they won’t be easy to find! Each Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt chewy candy bag contains enough individually wrapped Fun Size packs to create sweet Easter candy fun for everyone.

Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt description reads

They’re called the Skittle Impossible Egg Hunt and are the small fun-size packs of the original Skittles flavors.

  • strawberry
  • orange
  • lemon
  • green apple
  • grape

The packaging is camouflaged to blend in with the outdoors. There are packages that look like grass, tree bark, and other designs made that blend in.


The Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt packages are already out at some retailers, including Target. They come in a 10.72-ounce bag that includes about 20 individual bags for $2.99!