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This Attachment Makes Your Soap Look Like Mickey Mouse So Hand Washing Just Got Magical

It’s given we’ve all washed our hands about a billion times this year (at least I hope we all have) but I bet you haven’t washed your hands like this…

I’m A Little Something

You can now get an Attachment That Makes Your Soap Look Like Mickey Mouse and Hand Washing Just Got Magical!

This nifty contraption just goes on top of your existing foam soap dispenser (I think it’d be perfect with the foaming Bath & Body works soaps). You just snap it on and press down as usual.

The outcome? A super cool foam cloud in the shape of Mickey Mouse! Cute, right?!

I feel like aside from this being for total Disney lovers, it’d be a fun way to get kids to wash their hands and even help save some soap (since they’d only want to pump once).

Several places are selling these. I found this Mickey Head Soap Dispenser Adapter for $20 on etsy (and you can choose the color of the top you want too).


The shop I’m A Little Something is also selling them for about $25 although they sell out quite quickly.

I bet my kids would love this. So dang cute! You can check it out in action below!


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