Reese’s New Super King Size Candy Bar Is Over a Foot Long and It’s Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

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Reese’s is taking any competition out of the running when it comes to the size of a candy bar, considering their newest remake of the chocolate and peanut butter cup is bigger than their king size.

Introducing their biggest sweet treat yet, the super king sized Reese’s candy bar!

Courtesy of @reeses

Unveiling more peanut butter cups under one wrapper than ever before, Reese’s new super king size is over a foot long, beating the once iconic sub from Subway dubbed the five dollar foot long deli sandwich.

Courtesy of Reese’s

The Reese’s original king size which comes with four included cups, the super version adds two more.

Courtesy of Reese’s

Available at select store starting this month, you can find the giant sized candy bar in the candy aisle.

Maybe now we won’t mind sharing our candy after all.

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