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Reba McEntire Is Going To Star In A ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ Series And I Can’t Wait

I might be really showing my age here, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway — Fried Green Tomatoes is one of the best movies ever, and if you haven’t read the book, OMG — I don’t know that we can still be friends.

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Seriously, the movie AND the book are in my top 10 films and reads EVER — they are just that good.

NOW, we are learning that there is going to be a Fried Green Tomatoes series on NBC (it’s in the works) starring Reba McEntire, and I’m straight-up giddy!!

McEntire will play Idgie Threadgoode, the main character in the story. This time around, Idgie has returned to Whistle Stop in the present day, and she must come to terms with the fact that everything has changed — but perhaps NOTHING has changed at the same time.

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Not sure how I feel about this since I love the original Oscar nominated film from 1991. Reba McEntire is set to star in a new drama series based on “Fried Green Tomatoes” in the works at NBC from Oscar nominee Norman Lear, who produced the original film. Lear is also best known As a writer and producer who produced many 1970s sitcoms such as “All in the Family”, “Sanford and Son”, “One Day at a Time” and its 2017 remake, “The Jeffersons”, and “Good Times”. The author of the novel and co-writer of the film Fannie Flagg is also an exec producer. McEntire will also exec produce, while Jennifer Cecil (“Private Practice”) will exec produce and write the script. Universal Television will produce. . . The show is a modernization of the beloved novel and film that will explore the lives of descendants from the original work. McEntire will star as present-day Idgie Threadgoode, who returns to Whistle Stop after a decade away and must wrestle with a changed town, estranged daughter, faltering cafe and life-changing secret. . . #reba#rebamcentire#friedgreentomatoes#normanlear#allinthefamily#thejeffersons#goodtimes#maude#onedayatatime#privatepractice#onetreehill#90210#brothersandsisters#soweird#hostages#hellonwheels#notorious#thelittlerascals#whistlestop#idgiethreadgoode#theprincessbride#sandfordandson#spiesindisguise#lastmanstanding#babydaddy#charlottesweb#maverick#north#tremors#sundaykindoflove

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We don’t have a heck of a lot more information about this project.

We know that they are wanting it to be an hour-long show in the drama category — and I can’t not flipping wait to see how it turns out!!

We also know a whole lot about who will produce and executive produce. If you are keen on knowing all that info, it is as follows.

McEntire will executive produce in addition to starring, with Jennifer Cecil attached to write and executive produce. Lear, who was an executive producer on the “Fried Green Tomatoes” film, and his producing partner Brent Miller will executive produce under their Act III Productions banner. Fannie Flagg, author of the original novel and co-writer of the film’s screenplay, will also executive produce. Universal Television will serve as the studio.

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I personally don’t care WHO is writing and producing, as long at it stays as awesome and true to the book and the film as the show can possibly get!! I HATE it when they totally deviate from a story, and lose the essence of it all together.

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At number 17 on My List of Favorite Movies To Watch During Summer is “Fried Green Tomatoes.” The phrase Southern Charm comes to mind when I think of this film because the characters that inhabit it have a way of putting you under their spell and by the end of their story they have become unforgettable. I consider this movie to be one of my foundation movies. It is one of the first films I remember being really moved by and realizing what great storytelling was. A "foundation movie" becomes part of your identity, a story you hold close that helps develop your taste and character. I consider this to be one of mine. The characters, the music, the setting and the mood just sort of fit my sensibilities and I don’t know if I was always that way or if this movie had something to do with it but it is a story I have never forgot and always love to come back to every summer. An interesting story about this film, there really is a Whistle Stop Cafe that does indeed serve fried green tomatoes (among other Southern foods) just north of Macon Georgia. It is in the actual area where many of the scenes were filmed. After the film became a huge success, the Whistle Stop Cafe set was turned into an actual restaurant, and its surrounding area into a tourist attraction. Although they may have filmed in Georgia, the true Whistle Stop Cafe is in Irondale, Alabama (a suburb or Birmingham, where Author Fannie Flagg grew up.) . I know I have been on Instagram for a while now but I just figured out how to add videos to my page. So if you swipe left you can hear Thomas Newman’s incredible score for this movie. The music alone is perfect for any summer day. . . #friedgreentomatoes #luckyboyreviews #thereisstillmagicinthemovies #moviemagic #beecharmer #marystuartmasterson #marylouiseparker #kathybayes #jessicatandy #jonavnet #alabama #georgia #southernbarbecue #summermovie #summer #southerncharm #friedgreentomatoesmovie #fannieflagg #booktomovie #foundationfilm #foundationmovie #movielover #filmlover #cinephile

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If, for some reason you have not seen the film, it is currently showing on the Showtime streaming network.

p.s. you can get a free preview week, watch the movie, and then cancel the subscription before it charges you.

If you have not read the book — stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, go to the Amazon website, and get the book! Don’t talk to me until you have it read.

Courtesy of Amazon

ONLY at that point, will you be ready for the Fried Green Tomatoes show that is coming to NBC. *Smile*

I will bring you more information on this soon-to-be show, just as quickly as we learn more. TAWANDA!!

See a trailer for the original movie below.

If you are wanting some good movies to watch until this Ah-mazing series drops, you can check out this list of 30 Must-Watch movies.

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