The Famous Ross 49¢ Sale Is Coming. Here’s Everything We Know.

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If your New Year’s resolution was to save money this year, you may want to look away.

Thanks to Ross stores, our plans of staying on budget may have come to an end only 12 days into the new year.

Rumors of Ross’ upcoming 49¢ sale is supposedly debuting sooner than what we all thought.

So if you’re trying to find an excuse on whether or not to break your New Year’s resolution to save money, “there’s always next year” sounds like a good enough reason.

According to @thefreebieguy, Ross chains that are participating in the shopping spree are expected to drop items in the store to you guessed it, 49¢.

Can you imagine snagging your favorite shirt for just in the change in the pocket, score!

Of course we also don’t have to tell you that some Ross stores will have more of this sale hanging on the rack more than others.

But if you want our advice, make a trip to Ross, apart of your weekend errands.

Per @thefreebieguy, Ross’ 49¢ sale supposedly begins this month on January 22, but others such as @theKrazyCouponLady have reported that some locations have started even earlier!

So it looks like our weekend will be spent hunting down Ross sales!

Courtesy of @thefreebieguy

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