These Sarcastic Candles Are Absolutely Perfect For Everyone In Your Life

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The Whiskey River Soap Co. has absolutely the most perfect candles I have ever seen! They have something for everyone — Ha!

Plus, if you someone who loves humor and sarcasm, these are absolutely the BEST.

I have a bit of a candle obsession. My husband would say it’s a true problem, but whatever. He doesn’t know everything.

Via Whiskey River Soap

The first thing that put Whiskey River Soap Co. on my radar were these Youngest Child, Middle Child, and Oldest Child candles. They are so great!

You have to go to the website to see the ACTUAL scents but they fit the descriptions PERFECTLY! The labels that describe the scents have me totally cracking up!

They describe my siblings and I EXACTLY. Ha! I’m the oldest child, by the way.

Via Whiskey River Soap

You HAVE to go check out these candles. They are hilarious! Whiskey River Soap Co. has like 100 different candles, and you WILL find some that you absolutely NEED.

Via Whiskey River Soap

Each double-wick candle is 10 ounces, and has a burn time of about 60 hours.

Via Whiskey River Soap

Y’all! Even the website has me dying. It is so sarcastic and funny!

All product ideas are conceived in a now-defunct underground military training facility in an undisclosed location and transmitted via (low sodium) soup can to our brand-new, state-of-the-art, mid-century-modern-but-not-totally-IKEA offices in like Burbank or Dubuque. Somewhere like that.

Whiskey River Soap Co.
Via Whiskey River Soap

You will find yourself saying, “I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MORE PERFECT CANDLE!”

Via Whiskey River Soap

OMG! I no a few people, who need this candle in they’re life. “Smells like your annoying” — HA!

Via Whiskey River Soap

This candle actually smells like coffee, bacon, and craft beer. I am dying. I just found gifts for everyone I know!

Via Whiskey River Soap

Go check out this website! It will make your whole day. I can almost promise you!

Via Whiskey River Soap

You can also go check out these Blizzard Candles from Dairy Queen. They aren’t nearly as funny as Whiskey River Soap Co. candles, but they are still BOMB!!

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