Kristen Bell Told Her Daughters Their Teeth Would Fall Out If They Spilled Frozen 2 Details

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Kristen Bell is the perfect Bad Mom! She cracks me up when she talks about dealing with her daughters.

We all know that Kristen Bell plays the voice of Anna in Frozen — and Frozen 2.


Sometimes, having all the knowledge of what happens in the movies is just too hard to keep to herself — although according to her contract with Disney, she isn’t aloud to spill any of the secrets.


With two young girls, sometimes the secrets just sort of pop out of her mouth — ALL THE SECRETS!


Once the secrets are out, she can’t take them back! So, she has a hilarious threat to keep her girls quiet. She can’t have them spilling all those secrets at school! She tells them their teeth will fall out if they talk about the movie with their friends. Ha!

Well, the hilarious tactic works. The movie is about to be released, and none of the secrets have been spilled — Whew!


Sometimes you just do what you gotta do. Ha!


Don’t worry, her kids knew she was joking! They still didn’t give away any of the movie secrets, though. Kristen can breathe a sigh of relief!

Watch as Kristen describes what happens in an interviewed with Sirius XM.

Watch more of the reason I love Kristen Bell as a mom, while she records her daughter singing in the car.

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