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Hilarious Before And After Photos From The First Day Of School

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Maria Christina made a public Facebook post the other day asking parents to please take a before school photo and take an after school photo as well.

The resulting photos are hilarious and show just how rough those first days back to school can be for kids.

For yall that are posting yall babies first day of school photos pleeeeeease post when they come home #firstdaytransformations2021?? those are the best before and after.

Maria Christina – Facebook post
Maria Christina – Facebook post

A few of the images are photos I have seen in the past, but many of them seemed to be new from this year.

When I say I laughed, I mean I really freaking laughed… dang near peed my pants over some of them.

Maria Christina – Facebook post

I feel this little girls after photo, I’ve been there… totally been there!

So if you are looking for some entertainment, take a scroll through the images here in this post, as well many many more on her public Facebook post.

Maria Christina – Facebook post

Her post went viral quickly and currently has been shared over 157K times with over 21K comments!

Maria Christina – Facebook post

I even spotted some teachers that jumped in on the fun with the before and after photos from the first day back to school.

Maria Christina – Facebook post

Some of these kiddos must have either had a super fun first day, or a super rough first day!

Maria Christina – Facebook post

Check out the entire collection, which seems to still be growing, here!

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