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You Can Get Hot Cocoa Bomb Heart Molds For The Perfect Valentine Gift

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Hot Cocoa bombs were the hot commodity around Christmas time, and they are still super yum today!

Y’all, I had one on Christmas Eve that exploded with milk and white chocolate, marshmallows, and a bit of cinnamon. OMG!! *Mouth Watering Emoji*

It is so easy to make your own hot chocolate bombs, in fact, we have a post you may want to check out on Everything You Need To Make Your Own Hot Cocoa Bombs.


Since it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day, we need to add Heart Molds to the list! That way, your bombs will be heart shaped when you drop them in your SO’s toasty warm milk.

Amazon has a big variety of heart molds that will work out GREAT for making your hot chocolate bombs.

You Can Get Hot Cocoa Bomb Heart Molds For The Perfect Valentine Gift

Now, if you don’t quite know what a hot cocoa bomb is, don’t worry, I got ya!

It is a big, usually round, hollow ball of chocolate. When it hits warm milk, it will melt, showing off the “surprise” that’s inside: marshmallows, white chocolate, etc.

They are so much fun, and so stinkin’ good!

Courtesy of Amazon

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