Peeps Are Finally Back In Stores And Now My Heart Is Whole Again

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Peeps were temporarily discontinued from every grocery store, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target and every other food or retail shop you can think of.

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

Similar to many other businesses during the current global pandemic, the Peeps factory sadly shut down.


For Easter, Halloween and Christmas last year, you couldn’t find a single peep laying around on store shelves.

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

Although as they always say, out with the bad and in with the new.

2021 is bringing us some well deserved good news this year!


Peeps has finally been spotted back on retail store shelves and it’s just time for Valentine’s Day and more specifically, the Easter holiday!


As the shortage of Peeps temporarily caused a chaotic outcry last year, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores have the beloved sweet treat back in stock!


As you might already know, Peeps play a major role during the Easter holiday.

They’re one of the staple sweet treats many parents include in their kids Easter baskets and a sugary marshmallow candy that kids crave every year!


So if you’re craving a squishy marshmallow for Easter or on hearts day this year, run not walk to your nearest Dollar Store or Family Dollar!

I’m crossing my fingers that Peeps are being sold at more than just a few Family Dollar stores and Dollar Trees.


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