Target Is Selling $3 Strawberries & Cream Hot Cocoa Bombs And I’m In Love

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Valentine’s Day is in exactly 41 days but who’s counting?

Courtesy of Target

Target has a lot of pretty products and a ton of yummy food items to give to your loved ones on Valentines Day but here’s something to keep in mind when shopping for that special someone.


Maud Borup’s hot cocoa bombs have been quietly sitting on Target’s retail store’s shelves and it is the perfect gift to give to your partner if they like strawberries and milk chocolate!


Maud Borup’s hot cocoa bombs are different from your usual hot cocoa bomb because this sweet treat is made with rose-colored white chocolate and naturally flavored with strawberries and cream.


Forget the dipped strawberries in a fountain of chocolate, this hot cocoa bomb combines everything in one; plus, it’s also packed with mini marshmallows because a steaming cup of hot chocolate is just unnatural without topping it with marshmallows.

Courtesy of Target

You can currently find this heart shaped gem at Target for just $3 and while you’re at it, pick up a half gallon of milk because you’ll need two full cups to break this hot cocoa bomb.


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