If You’re Itching To Travel, These Videos Will Make You Feel Like You Are Seeing The World

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With the ongoing pandemic, we know that many of you are itching to travel.

Needless to say, it has been extremely difficult to cancel the annual family Disney trip, the hopeful plans to Hawaii during Christmastime and lets not forget about summer vacation that basically went down the drain in 2020.

Since there are only 36 days until warmer weather (believe it or not), the urgent need to travel is coming back like a horrible rash.

So if you’re a die hard traveler who needs to see more of just your family living room view, welcome to the 21st century my friends, where the Internet can take you anywhere virtually.

Courtesy of JustPlanes

Introducing JustPlanes, a YouTube channel that lets you sit inside the cockpit of a real plane to incredible destinations.

Talk about always having a window seat and forget about first class!


With over a million views, JustPlanes allows you to travel to Mexico, London, or even San Fransisco while you witness the bright lights from the cockpit and the stunning skyline of your destination!


For plane enthusiasts or for future pilots, JustPlanes recordings allows you to listen in on dialogues between pilots, the soothing sounds of the cockpit dials and the plane’s engine for some outstanding ASMR.

Now how does a trip to Montreal sound?

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