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Sorority Rush TikTok Has Taken Over TikTok and People Are Losing It

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If you have spent any time at all on TikTok lately, you have probably seen videos about the sorority rush process at the University of Alabama.

They are all over EVERYBODY’S “For You” tab on the popular social media site.

You may have thought, “WTH am I even watching?”

OR, if you are anything like me, you started watching them and totally got sucked into the whole thing.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m still wondering why TikTok thought I would want to watch videos of would-be sisters pledging their sororities.

I wasn’t a part of the Greek system in college, and I had no desire to be in a sorority. (It’s fine for those that want to do it, but it wasn’t for me.)

I’m pretty much the opposite world of a 20-year-old freshman girl at an SEC school, a Southern school, rushing sorority. So it’s a whole new world for me.

Greg George, 29 of Boston

But, I’ve somehow still managed to get myself hooked on the process at the University of Alabama this year.

They are just basic videos. Some of the TikTok clips show the pledges in their event outfits, explaining where they got all the different pieces of the outfit. A few of the videos are actual tidbits of the events themselves.

For all intents and purposes, there is nothing really special about the videos.

But, dude. It’s like watching your own little reality show.

You find yourself choosing your favorite pledges*, and routing them on through the process.

*These sorority pledges have a name: potential new members (PNMs). You’d think it would be something just a bit more cutesy. LOL!!

But, why? Why have 20 million of us viewed these videos over and over again?

What is so riveting and special about #AlabamaRush (or #BamaRush)?

First of all, University of Alabama rush is an entirely different monster than the Rush experience that you may have heard about or actually went through.

UA is KNOWN for their sorority recruitment, and it is like no other (Just watch the videos!).

Each year, more than 2,200 women participate in rush at the school.


By the way, one rule of the recruitment process is that the PNMs aren’t allowed to speak with the media — but that apparently doesn’t pertain to posting videos of the process on TikTok. LOL!!

People are simply intrigued by the entire #BamaRush process, and want to live a little vicariously through these pledges.

Part of the appeal of the sorority rush videos is likely the escapism that they provide to those watching them.


I told you! It’s like you are watching a mini reality TV show! You start watching, and have to see what’s gonna happen.

Another thing, Southern sororities are an experience that not many around the country will ever experience. This is a way to be part of the action, without actually having to move down south and pledge a sorority.

They get invested and watch video after video featuring their favorite PNMs.


Now there are videos popping up all over TikTok pertaining to the UA Rush.

Some of these videos are parody-type videos, which are also highly entertaining to watch.

Other videos are just commentary on the whole explosion that is #AlabamaRush on the social media site.

Then there are just the lurkers, like me, who want to watch how the whole thing goes down.

Go check out these videos for yourself, and see what you think.

Just head on over to TikTok, and but in the hashtag #Alabamarush. You will get PLENTY of videos to last you hours.

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