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You Can Get A Spicy Sriracha Eyeshadow Palette And It’s Gorgeous

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You can get a Spicy Sriracha eye shadow palette, and this might be my new favorite color palette EVER!

Courtesy of Peachy Queen

I love all things spicy, and now, that includes my eyeshadow! Just look at these HOT colors!

There are 12 different “Favors” — shades of red, orange, and yellow, with white thrown in to cool down the burn!


I have become ADDICTED to online makeup tutorials — watching them, not exactly DOING them, Ha! — but I bet I could actually manage a fierce look with this HOT palette.


These colors definitely make me want to break out my best fluffy eyeshadow blending brush, and get to mixing and blending these colors out into a work of perfection on my eyes!

Turn the heat up with this blazing hot palette! 
With shades like Spicy, Zasty, Red Hot, Fuego.. you can be sure that your look will be lit

Peachy Queen

This palette is only THIRTY bucks, which is AWESOME for a full palette of amazingly hot colors! I am definitely adding this to my virtual bag!

They also take PayPal, which is just about my favorite thing EVER when it comes to online shopping. It’s so much easier than busting out that credit card, and typing in all the information, AMIRITE?!? Sometimes that little PayPal button determines if I actually end up buying all the things or not. LOL!


Pressed Glitter, Mattes & Shimmer to keep it spicy The eyeshadow palette comes with a mirror!

Peachy Queen
Courtesy of Peachy Queen

You can get your OWN Sriracha eyeshadow color palette on the Peachy Queen website.

Courtesy of Peachy Queen

They only have a LIMITED quantity, so get yours before they are gone!

Courtesy of Peachy Queen

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