I Woke Up Like This: Makeup for The Morning After

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It’s your fifth date. You’ve sat through three corny romantic comedies and one ridiculous action movie. You even went put-put golfing. You like him. He is effortlessly charming and painfully handsome. He asks you thoughtful questions about yourself and actually listens to your answers. He does cute things like switching places with you while you’re walking down the street so he is the closest to the road. Who even does that? He guides you through doorways with his hand on the small of your back. Last time you got together he gave you a delicious kiss that was chaste but lingered just long enough to keep you thinking about it all week. Tonight is the night. You’re gonna scale him like a tree. It’s going DOWN.

So, you already know you’re going to blow his mind when you get it on, but you want to make sure you look amazing while you’re doing so. Your body is perfect and you’ve already mastered those loose messy curls that look even better once a man has run his hands through them. But what about your makeup? Wont it look all crazy when you wake up in the morning? Runny mascara is never a sexy look. If you want to have perfect makeup for The Morning Afterhere is what you do…

I woke up like this. Makeup for the morning after

Makeup For The Morning After…These things are your friend:

A long wear foundation like Estee Lauder Double Wear or Revlon Color Stay.

A waterproof mascara or a topcoat like Nyx’s Proof It

Makeup Up For Ever Aqua Seal

Mac Fix +

Ben Nye Final Seal or Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Anastastia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel


For real, you should always wash your face at night, but c’mon, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Of course, when you make it home, you should immediately wash your face and treat it to a nourishing deep mask (that you can wear while basking in post coital bliss).

Getting Ready

First, go ahead and do your base as your normally would, except mix a few drops of the Aqua Seal into your foundation. I do this by applying both to the back of my hand and mixing them together with a brush. Aqua Seal does exactly what it sounds like it does- makes products resistant to water (and sweat *wink-wink*). This will ensure that you won’t roll over in the middle of the night and leave a face shaped print on his pillowcase. Keep your blush and bronzer subtle if your wear them.

I woke up like this makeup for the morning after

For eyes, we’re going to stick to classic eyeliner on the upper lid. You can add a little dimension in your crease with a skin-tone colored shadow if you choose, but aim to let the eyeliner be the star of the show. Intricate eye shadow will smear and fade overnight. Mix some aqua seal in with your gel liner and apply your eyeliner concentrating on the outer half of your lid, giving the eyes a sexy lift.

I woke up like this makeup for the morning after

Add waterproof mascara and lock it in with Nyx Proof It Topcoat. Do several coats on your top lashes, but only one on your lower lashes. That way you’re less likely to have raccoon eyes in the morning.

If you do your brows, Anastasia Brow Gel will pretty much tattoo them on. They wont be going anywhere until you want them to. Which is how eyebrows should always be, if you ask me.

Set all of your handiwork with a translucent powder using a puff instead of a brush. Patting will keep you from moving around the products underneath, and you can go back in with a fluffy brush afterwards to wipe off all the excess.

Finally, take a light shower in Mac’s Fix +. This product melds your makeup so it’s all one layer and takes away the “powdered” look. It pretty much will make you look like you’ve been airbrushed. If they could make one that would make me look like Kate Winslet that would be great. I hope you’re listening, MAC.

If all of that waterproofing weren’t enough, we’re going to finish it off with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. The name is pretty self explanatory, but basically this will shellac your makeup to your face.

I recommend a lip color that is nude/natural colored because they fade in a way that is flattering and typically won’t end up all over your face.

i woke up like this

Makeup For The Morning After…In your bag:

A compact mirror

A liquid liner pen

Unscented lip balm


A disposable mascara wand.

Those dissolve-y mint strip things that stick to the roof of your mouth.

A mini water bottle.

Protection: you know what I mean.

During the Date

Try not to drink to much. Not only is it a recipe for a bad first experience together, but alcohol seeps out through your pores and will dissolve your makeup and ruin all of your hard work. Yikes.

When you take your trip to the bathroom after you do the deed, grab your bag on the way back and set it next to the bed for easy access in the AM.

Try to sleep with your head elevated to avoid waking up with a puffy face.

The Morning After

Slllloooooooowly roll over so that you’re facing the outside of the bed and take out your mirror to assess the damage. Things should still be in order, but if not….

Use the tissue to blend out any smudges in your face makeup.

A disposable mascara wand can be used to lightly brush off mascara flakes that end up on your cheeks without disturbing the makeup below it.

If you’re feeling REALLY brave you can try touching up your eyeliner with the eyeliner pen, just keep in mind you’re gonna look like a nut if he wakes up while you’re in the middle of this.

I woke up like this makeup for the morning after

Use your finger to apply a light layer of lip balm so you don’t look like you’ve been stranded in the Sahara.

Pop a mint and arrange your hair artfully on the pillow.

There you have it.

This makeup is also great for other occasions. Like if you’re going through a breakup and Adele comes on the radio, or when Steel Magnolias is on TV.

I woke up like this makeup for the morning after

Just a note: I’m pretty sure guys could care less if your makeup is a little jacked the morning after a romp (especially if you pulled out all the stops). So if he wakes up before you- don’t stress it. Chances are, if he was good enough to sleep with, he’s probably a great guy and will still kiss you on the lips in the AM. Mint or no mint.

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  1. Somehow by “not applying eyeliner like a 5-year-old”, you grew fake eyelashes!

    I hope the same thing happens to me by following your tutorial! Fingers crossed!

  2. Very good article. I especially like the products you were using. Some of them are my favorites. I will definitely try this.

    Thanks darling.