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You Can Plant Flowers That Look Like Flames When They Bloom and I Need Them

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This is one of the coolest flowers I have ever come across in my entire life! This is called the Gloriosa Flame Lily and it is amazing to look at!


The full name is the Gloriosa superba and its petals look just like beautiful flickering flames of fire! It is also known as the gloriosa lily, glory lily, fire lily, flame lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, and cat’s claw or tiger’s claw.


The plant originates from southern Africa and parts of Asia including from China and India. It’s a perennial and grows in mild climates. Even though it is called a lily in some of its names, it is not a true lily.


The Gloriosa Flame Lily can grow in many different habitats! I have read that it can grow in forests, thickets, grasslands, sand dunes, and other nutrient-poor soils.


It is a poisonous plant and can be fatal to humans and animals if you were to eat enough of it. So, yea…don’t eat it! It has been used in low doses as a medicinal plant, but I’ll leave that to the pros. I use medicinal plants and herbs, but this is one I’m not familiar with.

The Gloriosa Flame Lily is also the national flower of Zimbabwe! In other places, people consider it a weed. It’s so weird because most of my favorite flowers are considered weeds. It’s supposed to be fairly easy to grow too, which is great for me!


The Gloriosa Flame Lily flowers look just like flames and I absolutely love that! I kind of have an obsession with flames and fire, so I think this may be my new favorite flower!


You can order your own seeds to grow this gorgeous flowering plant from MyGardenGreen on Etsy for only $7.41! That is a small price to pay for this kind of beauty!


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  1. My seed growing sucks. is there anywhere I can get baby plants?

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