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Here’s The Entire List of Countries Offering Incentives For Tourists Who Vacation There

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It is no surprise that the travel industry has been hit HARD by the coronavirus epidemic.

People, who previously had plans to take spring and summer vacations, suddenly either had their vacations cancelled out from underneath them, or they cancelled their plans on their own because of fears surrounding the current situation.


In an effort to promote more travel to many destinations throughout the world, there are certain countries that are offering incentives to visitors.


According to Insider, here is a list of countries offering great incentives to travel to their destinations.


Cancun, Mexico

They are offering free hotel, car rental, and 20% off at area tourist attractions.

Perks include two free nights for every two nights paid for by guests, two free days of car rentals for every two days paid for, free stays for up to two children when two adults book, as well as 20% off at participating theme parks, golf courses, and spas


Sicily, Italy

I’m ready to pack my bags! This is an awesome deal. Not only is it a BEAUTIFUL destination, but they are offering freebies!


This Italian Island is offering to cover a THIRD of your hotel stay, HALF of your flight, and it is going to give you FREE tickets to area tourist attractions!


Madeira, Portugal

Under the islands’ plans (for reopening its borders), all visitors will have to prove they tested negatively for the coronavirus within 72 hours before departure or be tested upon arrival, with costs covered by the Madeira government.


Did you catch that last part? The government of Madeira will cover your testing!



This beautiful island country in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean is prepared to take care of anyone who contracts the coronavirus while on their island.


Authorities of the Eastern Mediterranean island have said they will pay for any accommodation, food, and medicine used by patients and their families should any tourist test positive for the virus.


Is it weird that, if I’m going to get the coronavirus, I HOPE to contract the coronavirus in Cyprus? Ha!



Iceland is somewhere I have ALWAYS wanted to go! It is so unique and absolutely magical.


Iceland is offering coronavirus testing at the airport upon your arrival. If you test NEGATIVE for the virus, you can stay and play. If you test POSITIVE, be prepared to quarantine for 14 days.


Do you know of any other countries that are offering incentives to those that visit? Let us know in the comments!

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