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This Crap Strap Helps You Poop In The Woods And It’s Pure Genius

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Here is something most people never even knew they needed — but I’m betting that outdoors person out there will think it’s GENIUS!

Introducing — drum roll please — The Krapp Strap.

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Let’s just get the elephant in the room out into the open. It’s a strap that helps you poop in the woods.

Yep. This is an article about pooping.

Feel confident and secure when you are in the woods needing to take care of…business. 

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This Krapp Strap will come in handy whether you are a hunter, a camper, or just hanging out in the woods for a while.

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All you do — when you feel the urge — is wrap the Krapp Strap around a tree, and stick the padded part against your lower back.

Now, you just lean back and bend your knees.

Voila!! Perfect pooping in the woods!!

It also comes with 2 handy pockets for essentials like toilet paper and antibacterial gel.

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Easier and more comfortable than hanging onto a tree. Easy access to toilet paper in the zip pocket. 

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This Krapp Strap will support up to 400 pounds, and there is an adjustable waist strap for secure potty positioning.

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If you’ve ever had to poop in the woods, you know how handy this strap truly is.

Heck, if you have female parts, this Krapp Strap will come in quite handy for the occasional pee-pee break.

This Krapp Strap is $40, and would make an excellent Christmas gift for that outdoorsy person in your life.

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You can get the Krapp Strap at the Air Boss Motion Decoys website.

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