Act II Is Releasing Microwavable Popcorn That Tastes Like Mac & Cheese

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There are some food combinations that are pure genius, while others are questionable.

There are rumors going around that Act II popcorn is supposedly releasing a microwavable Mac and Cheese flavor; can you imagine a buttery, cheesy and warm flavored popcorn fresh out of the microwave?

I can, and it sounds good to me!

Courtesy of @junkpickers

A handful of Instagram handles have already posted the new Mac & Cheese flavor via social media and it looks like each box will contain six 2.75-ounce bags which is just enough popcorn to binge watch an entire movie.

Courtesy of @junkfoodmom

Of course there are plenty of other questions left unanswered such as when will we see the new flavor out on store shelves?

How cheesy will the new popcorn be and what type of cheese will be used?

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks

Act II, please feel free to put our hungry minds at ease and to answer any one of these questions as soon as possible, thank you.

Courtesy of @ig.karenjane

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