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Wreath Charcuterie Boards Will Take Your Holiday Feast To The Next Level

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I am totally on board with these extravagant charcuterie boards that have been so popular this year. And if you are too, you have to see these Wreath Charcuterie Boards!

Honestly, these are gorgeous and will take your holiday feast to the next level!!


As you may know, a charcuterie board is a board full of food. Some are more traditional like cheese and crackers while others are more extravagant and unique like hot cocoa boards.


In this case, for the holidays, people are making charcuterie boards in the shape of holiday wreaths and I love them!


The majority of these wreath food boards include a round platter of some sort such as a round serving tray or large serving plate.


They are then loaded with food. The majority are loaded with a mix of cheese, meats, and rosemary or bay leaves for the “leaves” of the wreath.


The food is arranged on the outside of the board leaving the middle with white space to turn the platter into a wreath shape and look.


Some people are even adding Christmas cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels to the spread too!


I don’t know about you, but I am completely on board with this trend! I am totally making one for the holidays!!


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