People Are Dunking McDonald’s Ice Cream Into Their Black Coffee and I Am Totally Trying It

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Another day, another McDonald’s trend on TikTok.

The latest food trend to make TikTok users stop scrolling is none other the famous ice cream machine at the popular fast food eatery and caffeine.

Courtesy of @liamslunchbox

More specially, it’s what inside the ice cream machine and what you make out of coffee grounds that makes this trend so popular.

Courtesy of @liamslunchbox

Considering America runs on coffee in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, individuals on TikTok have created a way to make black coffee taste not so bitter.

For those who need the caffeine, these individuals are dunking a McDonald’s vanilla soft serve into a large black coffee to substitute as creamer.

To participate in the trend, order a vanilla ice cream cone at the McDonald’s drive thru and a large black iced coffee for dunking.

FYI, this trend is very messy, so keep in mind to make sure to ask for several napkins at the drive thru window.

Courtesy of @gleetzbapsang

As weird as the trend may sound considering McDonald’s offers creamer, people say that dunking the ice cream in a chilled black coffee is the perfect blend of sweet, sugar, and liquid caffeine!

Courtesy of @gleetzbapsang

Since the McDonald’s ice cream machine does have a bad rep, we’re hoping the McDonald’s ice cream machines nationwide do not break down considering this trend is incomplete without the sugary soft serve.

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