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Writing Saved Her Life (And It Can Save Yours, Too!)

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Writing saved me. That might seem overly dramatic to you (especially if you know me), but it’s true. If it weren’t for writing, and blogging, specifically, I would not be here today.

If It Weren’t For Writing, I Would Not Be Here Today

About 7 months ago I went through a pretty life-changing event. An illness that lead to a stroke and stole my dignity and my nursing career. Everyone could see the physical changes, but I had no way to really vent or explain what I was going through emotionally. I felt like I was spiraling out of control down a deep dark hole, and there was nobody that could understand how to get me out.

A very thoughtful person showed up about a month into the process with a journal and a pack of colored pencils. I was upset at the time, because I couldn’t write. I mean, physically, I couldn’t write. My brain would not send the message to my hand to move the pencils correctly across the paper.

This person reassured me, and through practice (lots of aggravating, sometimes soul-crushing practice), I was able to somewhat write out my alphabet. The alphabet soon turned into words … not crisp and clear words, but words none-the-less.

There were times when I could not think of a word, I couldn’t conjure the word to the forefront of my mind to save myself. In this case, I would draw what I meant. Usually that would help me think of the word, or it would clue the person I was communicating with as to what the heck I was talking about.

I started bullet journaling (Look it up on Pinterest). This was an easy way to get out my thoughts without having to journal an exhausting novel. I used the colors to separate ideas (And, let’s just face it, colors are more fun!). This helped my emotional state so dramatically! Writing was exhausting, but it freed my trapped mind in ways that only writing could do.

When I got enough dexterity in my fingers, I started to use a keyboard again. This is when my writing really took off. I could now express things that were too mentally exhausting to write out on paper.

I started a blog (which I advocate for everybody!). It’s just a little, non-themed blog, but it gets my thoughts out. It clears my mind. It lets me take the pain or the joy I’m feeling, and release it. Hopefully by doing so, I can  help others that need to hear that it’s okay to feel upset, or there shouldn’t be guilt in feeling happy! I hope others are able to find some encouragement in my simple, sometimes rambling blog posts.

So how did writing save me? It gave me an outlet. It let me “voice” things I’d never say outloud. It gave me a hope and a goal.

How can it help you? Start a blog (There are tons of free blog sites out there). Don’t get hung up on the name or theme. Just write. The first entry is ALWAYS the hardest.

That seem like too much? Start with bullet journaling. It allows you to think through problems, vent, or even record happy times.

Just do it. It may save you, too.


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