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Firefighters Are Warning People Not To Leave Water Bottles In Their Car. Here’s Why.

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It is officially summer. It’s HOT.

In parts of the country, it’s HUMID — which makes it disgustingly hot. And, we all know to stay hydrated, hydrated, hydrated.

I don’t know about you, but — when my husband uses the car — there are about 614 water bottles left in the cup holders — and much to my frustration and embarrassment — all over the floorboards.

But, as it turns out — besides the fact that it infuriates me — there is an actual factual reason that you shouldn’t leave water bottles in your car.

And, it’s not just me being a nag about it. There is actual PROOF that it’s a horrible idea!

Even firefighters are warning that leaving your water bottle in the car is not a good idea. In fact, it can be a hazard.

It just so happens that if the sun catches the water bottle just right, it can act like a magnifying glass and burn whatever is in the path of the intense refracted light.

You know what happens when light hits a magnifying glass, right? You can actually catch things on fire.

We used to use a magnifying glass to burn grass, paper — I tried to light a candle once — and my brother used to catch ants on fire.

The exact same thing can happen when the sun hits a water bottle just right.

You might be thinking, “That is a bit far fetched. That’s never going to happen.”

Can Water Bottles Cause Fires?

I have actual, real-life proof that water bottles can actually cause burning.

  • An Iowa Power Company battery operator was sitting in the car and eating lunch when he noticed smoke out of the corner of his eye. When he looked over, he noticed the light reflecting from the sun through the water bottle was catching the seat on fire.
  • A firefighter with the Midwest City Fire Department is on video, actually showing us how the light from a water bottle can burn through paper.

Water bottles that are more prone to burning are clear bottles with liquid in it — it can be full or partially gone.

That’s all the proof I need!! I’m going to make sure that water bottles are kept out of my car from now on!

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