Taco Bell Is Testing Three New Coffee Flavors to Fuel Your Morning Caffeine Run

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Taco Bell wants you to know that they don’t only specialize in frozen beverages.

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While we know Taco Bell is no amateur when it comes to making what they called “freezes” such as the frozen Baja Blast, caffeinated beverages made from coffee beans are also another speciality.

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In addition to the Cinnabon flavored coffee, the taco chain is submitting three new flavors to their iced coffee line.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Featuring the Dulce de Leche, Mexican Chocolate Mocha, and Sweet Vanilla, thanks to Taco Bell, we now have our go-to coffee flavors for our morning commute.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

You can expect each coffee to run a little over two bucks and if there’s anything we know about these three new flavors, assuming each coffee tastes how they sound, these caffeinated drinks will be sweet!

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So if you have time to stop by the drive-thru, it looks like the Bell may only be testing the new coffee flavors for now, thanks to @markie_devo who spotted the flavors in Coalinga, California!

Courtesy of @tacobell

However here’s hoping Taco Bell runs with the new roasts nationwide so we can all have a taste of the new flavored coffee beans.

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And if the new flavors do become nationwide, we all know we’ll be making extra time in our morning schedule to run to Taco Bell to get our iced coffees on the go, (and a breakfast burrito on the side).

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