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Here’s How to Order the Secret Menu Caramel Nut Roll Blizzard at Dairy Queen

When it comes to Dairy Queen, a Blizzard is always essential.

So when it comes to your after dinner indulgence, consider DQ and here’s why…

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has a list of secret menu items and on that list, are several Blizzards that are unknown to the regular menu.

That’s right, DQ has more blizzards combinations then you think.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

And thanks to social media user @dqhelena for her Dairy Queen Blizzard hack, we now know one of those secret menu Blizzards!

Courtesy of @dqhelena

So without further ado, give me one minute to change your go-to Blizzard order to this secret menu sweet treat.

Enter, the Caramel Nut Roll Blizzard.

Courtesy of @dqhelena

Starting off with a vanilla soft serve base, this unique blizzard takes it up a notch and combines a marshmallow and caramel topping.

Are you drooling yet?

Courtesy of @dqhelena

Alongside the marshmallow and caramel topping, the Caramel Nut Roll Blizzard adds two scoops of peanuts and is thrown right into the blender for an even distribution of salty and sweet.

Have I convinced you to snag this secret menu Blizzard yet?

Courtesy of @dqhelena

Now if you just grabbed your car keys to head on over to Dairy Queen, make sure to ask for the Caramel Nut Roll Blizzard at the drive-thru to retrieve the secret menu item!

Sorry grandma, but dessert is at DQ tonight!

Courtesy of @dqhelena